Buckeye Boat Club

Application for Membership

Any person owning a pontoon boat shall be deemed eligible for membership who: (a) Has attained the age of 18 years; (b) demonstrates an interest in the primary objectives of the Club; (c) qualifies as otherwise provided in the Constitution; and (d) subscribes to the Constitution, the By-laws, and the Club Rules and Regulations

Any person of good character who desires to become a member, and qualifies for membership in accordance with Section 1 and 2 of Article III of the Club Constitution, shall submit a written application to the membership chairperson.

If any member has a valid reason why anyone on the list should not be considered for membership, the member shall notify the Commodore immediately in writing. The Commodore shall bring any such objections pertaining to a potential member up to the Board of Directors for review and finally, for vote, by the general membership.

At the time a vacancy occurs in the Club membership, the membership chairperson will ask the person(s) from the potential applicant list, in the order of application, if they still desire membership. If they still desire to be a member of the Club, the applicant shall be advertised to the membership and subsequently interviewed by the membership chairperson, for final approval. Upon approval and payment of appropriate dues and fees, they are accepted into membership subject to swearing in by the Commodore.

Please download the application and return to:

Buckeye Boat Club
ATTN: Membership
6510 Walnut Valley Drive
Galena, OH 43021-9613


For more information regarding Membership - Please email Gene Wise, Membership Chairman