Buckeye Boat Club



1954 - 1994 compiled by Patrick Kenney
1995 - 2012 compiled by Dave Hilleary
2013 - present compiled by Terry Meredith

The Walnut Valley Boat Club was started in May 1954, and was incorporated the 28th of June, 1954. On August 4, 1954 the Club Constitution and Regulations were adopted.

When the founders incorporated the Club on June 28, 1954 under the General Corporation Act of the State of Ohio , as a not for profit, they stated the following as the purpose of the Club:

To promote and to facilitate the sport of boating on the waters in Franklin and Delaware Counties impounded by Hoover Dam; to promote and facilitate social and recreational activities for members of this Club and their families; to acquire, by purchase, lease or otherwise real and personal property for the accommodation, convenience, pleasure and entertainment of its members and their families; to sell, mortgage, lease or otherwise dispose of said property, and to do any things necessary or incident thereto.

The dues were low so the Club used two methods to finance the Club. One method was to sell no interest shares at $25.00 each and each member was required to buy 2 shares. The shares were redeemed by the club when monies were available. They would have drawings at meetings to pay back the shares. The Club was still redeeming shares in 1969. The second method was a fund raiser in the form of a corn fest. This was a major source of income. Members sold books of chance on very good prizes, sold BBQ pork and beef sandwiches, drinks, corn, and ran games of chance. The club had big turnout for this yearly event. It took a good month of hard work to get this set up and going.

The WVBC moved to the present location in June of 1959, but still used the original site for the corn fest and some boats that year. The present property was overgrown and needed a lot of work. The only structure was the barn and it needed work also. It was built in 1888. The club was working on a lease with the city of Columbus.

The Club meetings were held at banks and libraries. The dinners were held at the Blendon Grange and other local food establishments in the area.

In going through old and not so old newsletters, things to do, build, or buy were talked about but no definite time of completing. In some minutes some things might be mentioned as purchased, done, or built. The following is a legend of accomplishments:

1953 Club house build, 30'x60' shelter house only.
1964 Windows and doors were installed. First phone installed. Charged $.10 per phone call.
1965 Restrooms were built, 10'x16'. 2000 gal. storage unit installed.
1967 Dues were $15.00, stakes $10.00, and docks $40.00
1969 Ladies auxiliary was initiated. (Discontinued in 1989)
1971 A new door was constructed in the south wall of the clubhouse. Vinyl siding was put on both ends of the clubhouse. The wood on the lower part of the barn was replaced and painted. A work bench and lights were put in the barn.
1972 Heater installed in the clubhouse at a cost of $200.00. The first 4th of July boat parade. Boat removal was charged at $1.00 a foot.
1973 The Club bought a trailer for handling pontoon boats.
1975 Walk finished going north to the driveway. First Club appreciation day was held. The 4th of July potluck had 330 people in attendance.
1976 Folding chairs were bought.
1979 The flag pole was put in. The red mower was bought.
1984 A concrete floor was put in the barn. The Club took over the rental house from the city. Had a buy-in of docks by members, $300.00 each, the club put in remaining docks.
1988 New double pane, sliding windows were put in the clubhouse. This improved the use of the clubhouse. Harold Hard resigned as Rear Commodore.
1989 A pull-down stairway was installed to the attic area. The attic area was insulated. Power fans were installed in the attic. New lights were installed in the clubhouse. A speaker system was obtained. The ladies auxiliary purchased a range.
1990 All doors were replaced. Restaurant type tables and chairs were purchased. Ceiling fans with lights were installed in the clubhouse. A complete new kitchen was installed. New grilles were put on the grounds.
1991 The bulletin board was moved to the main gate. The waste container was enclosed by a wooden fence. A John Deere tractor was bought. Restrooms were updated with new ceiling tiles and lights. Delco water was connected to the clubhouse and restrooms.
1992 A Walnut Valley Boat Club sign was put out by the road. New gate was installed. The flag pole was painted and updated the gear.
1993 Lighting and outlets were updated on the grounds. Trap rock was put around the north dock area. Repairs were made to the cove ramp. The outdoor picnic tables were painted. Restrooms were painted inside and outside.
1994 The barn supports were put in. Clubhouse was painted. A WVBC flag was purchased and flown on the flag pole.
1995 Wooden Dock D was purchased, built and installed. Anyone on this dock was charged $50 more than others.
1999 Through a paperwork mixup between the Club and the Secretary of States office, plus the Ohio “Sunshine Law”, the Club was forced to change its name to “The Buckeye Boat Club” and renew its Charter and Articles of Incorporation.
2003 A new Electronic Gate was designed and installed so members no longer had to get out of their cars to unlock a padlock and chain to enter or exit the grounds.

The new Maintenance Building was constructed and the old Red Barn torn down.

2004 Large parking lot between the Clubhouse and building was made to facilitate winter boat storage and event parking.
2006 The Constitution, By-laws and Rules & Regulations were brought up to date with modern verbage, clarification of terms and ideas. After open meetings for discussion, the membership approved all changes.

New aluminum Dock E was purchased and installed.

A new carved in wood BBC sign was placed at gate.

2007  New aluminum Dock F was purchased and installed.
2008 New 4 boat aluminum extensions were added to both E and F docks allowing the Club to become an “all dock Club” with no more boats on stakes.

An newly designed standoff system with criss-crossed cables were installed on Docks A, B, C West and C East.

2009 New aluminum Ramps were purchased and installed on Docks A, B, C West and C East.

During the winter high winds and driven ice caused a $20,000 insurance claim to replace the main walkway on Dock E.

2010 Continued improvements were made to the standoff system on all docks.

Using part of the storm damaged walkway from Dock E, new fingers were purchased and a new aluminum replacement for 25 year old Dock C East was done.

2011 The membership approved two capital projects: Replace A dock with a Fred Lassahn design, and have AEP assume responsibility for lighting the club property.  Contracts were signed with the expectation the work would be performed prior to the start of the 2012 boating season.
2012 The new A dock was installed in March. AEP installed the new grounds lighting, and a required variance for it won and approved by Genoa Township. The membership approved a Fred Lassahn designed replacement of C-West dock. Existing C-West was removed and a contract signed to replace the dock by the start of the 2013 boating season. Organizational improvements were made to the storage building, and the erosion/storm damaged front retaining wall was repaired.

A record 170 units was donated to the American Red Cross by the Club's blood drives. 37 boats participated in Fishing Has No Boundaries. Unseasonable low water levels forced an early boat removal (by 9/22) if using the Club's ramp.

2013 The new C-West Dock was installed by the start of the boating season, and all boats were in the water by May 25th . The membership approved a Fred Lassahn designed replacement of D dock, and a contract was signed to replace the dock by the start of the 2014 boating season. As with the recent A and C-West docks, this dock will be from Robco Manufacturing, Inc. of Henderson, NC. Mike Martin sold the old D dock and it was removed from the water. Erosion repair work continued along the retaining wall.

The Club held three Red Cross blood drives for the 4th year in a row. A record 40 member’s boats participated in the Fishing Has No Boundaries public service event. Reservoir water levels remained unseasonably high throughout the summer & fall.
2014 The new D Dock was installed at the start of the boating season. Then its south side anchor chain broke and was replaced along with the north side anchor chain. The membership approved a Fred Lassahn designed replacement of B dock, and a contract was signed to replace the dock by the start of the 2015 boating season. This dock will also be from Robco Manufacturing, Inc. of Henderson, NC.

The Club held three Red Cross blood drives for the 5th year in a row. 35 boats participated in Fishing Has No Boundaries. Very heavy rain raised the reservoir level 4.5 feet above “minimum spillway” level on June 24-25 and completely flooded the lower level parking areas. During a low water period in late November, the shale outcroppings in the B dock area were removed.
2015 The reservoir froze 8 feet below full pool, a very unique occurrence since it normally freezes at full pool. Shore cable for docks D, E & F froze in the ice and needed to be freed as the reservoir level rose. During the freeing process several sections of F dock and a float were destroyed.

In the Spring, Robco installed the new B dock, and while on site repaired F dock. The lake side anchor cables on F were replaced by club members.

During the boating season:
  • C west dock's ice damaged shore posts were repaired, which required replacing one post, re-concreting all foundations, and adding 45 degree supports. The bent standoff pipe on C west was replaced, and 2 other standoff pipes were replaced to better match shoreline distance.
  • C east dock had a post replaced.
  • Outriggers added to new B dock for stability.
  • D dock's south anchor which was "lost" a year ago was found and divers contracted to reconnect.
Mike Martin developed a methodology and designed a way to remove the fingers, walkways & gangways on D, E, and F docks to reduce their exposure to ice damage. Robco installed the necessary Merco hinges just prior to the Fall workday.

During the Fall workday, all the fingers and walkways from D, E & F docks were moved into the coves for the first time.  Gangways were moved on land using a custom designed wheel fixture.  The west end standoff support post of A dock was reset and reinforced with concrete and an anchor cable.

The Club held three Red Cross blood drives for the 6th year in a row.  40 member's boats participated in the Fishing Has No Boundaries public service event.